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As TASS reports with reference to Avtotor-Holding vice-president Dmitry Chemakin, the plant’s plans for 2024 include launching the production of engines for electric vehicles. He stated this during an event to transfer Kaliningrad-assembled Amberauto A5 electric cars to one of the local taxi companies.

According to Chemakin, engine production will reach technical capacity in 2025. “This is a ready-made localization,” he added. Electric motors assembled in Kaliningrad will be installed on the Amberauto A5 model presented earlier this year, and later the batteries will be localized. The overall localization level of Amberauto is planned to be increased to 80-85 percent in 2025-2026.

“Amberauto A5” is an electric sedan that is not Avtotor’s own development – it is a model of the Chinese brand JMEV, known as GSE (or Yi). The mid-size sedan is equipped with a 150-horsepower electric motor mounted on the front axle and a battery with a capacity of 60 kilowatt-hours, one charge of which is enough for 520 kilometers on the CLTC cycle (or 450 kilometers on the WLTP cycle). Earlier it became known that the new product will cost 3.4 million rubles, but you can subscribe for 164.9 thousand rubles per month.

In addition to the sedan, Avtotor can also master the assembly of another JMEV model, a hatchback the size of a Lada Granta. If this happens, it will also appear on the market under the Amberauto brand. Avtotor will also have commercial vehicles; the Ambertruck trademark has been registered for them.

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