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The corporate publication of the Chelny auto giant does not hide the fact that last year the number of complaints about the flagship truck increased by 34.9 percent. Vesti KamAZ admits that complaints come not only from buyers: defectologists are also dissatisfied with the quality of K5 line tractors, and the level of defects based on the results of in-plant inspections increased by 21.4 percent.

The decline in quality of the flagship KamAZ K5 tractors is easily explained. Firstly, the indicators of technological discipline and the level of training of workers have decreased. Secondly, the “anti-sanction” components turned out to be the weak link: their quality is not stable enough. Thirdly, staff involvement in the task of improving product quality is low.

Statistics also played against KamAZ: in 2022, the K5 family was almost not sold, so due to the “low base effect” the number of complaints increased. However, the decline in quality and increase in complaints is true only for flagship tractors. For buses, electric buses and trucks of the “old” K3 series, the number of defects has decreased significantly. Losses from manufacturing defects have also decreased.

In the fall, KamAZ admitted that it was ready to fulfill government orders to the detriment of its position in the market. The main task and “civic duty” of the Chelny auto giant is considered to be the production of all-wheel drive trucks, and sometimes an increase in production volumes of the K3 line comes at the cost of reducing the production of flagship K5 tractors.

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