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The design of a promising truck has been published in the public domain. We are talking about the official sketch, KamAZ’s view of the flagship of the model range by the end of the decade. The spectacular tractor has little in common with the prototype of the K6 family, which was shown in December 2019. The hinged panels and optics have changed, the luminous logo has become larger, and mirrors have given way to cameras.

They were quick to call the truck from the official rendering a KamAZ of the K6 family, but the auto giant’s official slides show completely different tractors under that name. The KamAZ-54907 line will consist of long-haul trucks with diesel, hydrogen and electric power plants. Urban small-tonnage models – “Compass” and “Chistogor” – by this time will switch to “green” energy: electric traction or fuel cells.

Screenshot from KamAZ presentation

Under the revolutionary appearance of KamAZ tractors lies the frame of the current K5 cab, unified with the Mercedes-Benz Actros MP4. KamAZ K6 trucks are still far from mass production: the plant has just switched to the rhythmic assembly of K5 and is working to reduce the number of defects. An expansion of the K5 line is planned for 2024: three-axle tractors and dump trucks with different wheel configurations will be added to the range.

Despite the publication of the sketch, the public part of the 2030 strategy does not say anything about changing generations of tractors. The auto giant’s plans are limited to updating the K3 and K5 lines: the priority task is import substitution, modification and improvement of consumer characteristics of the best-selling and most popular models.

And KAMAZ came

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