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A meeting was held with the delegation of the Russian Union of Tourism Industry at the Scientific and Technical Center of the auto giant in Naberezhnye Chelny. The KamAZ press service shared new photos of the bus with the index “5222” – this is a low-floor single-volume vehicle powered by gas engine fuel, developed by order of Gazprom. In the future, the new product will be noticed on intercity routes by NefAZ-5299 in the “31-52” modification.

KamAZ received a large government order for the latest all-terrain buses

The debut of KamAZ-5222 took place last fall, and now a pre-production prototype has been shown during a cycle of factory tests. It is expected that the bus will have many components from “friendly” countries: the gas engine will be supplied by Chinese Weichai, the automatic transmission will be supplied by Fast Gear, and the rear axle will be supplied by HanDe.

Evgeny Buyukli / KamAZ KamAZ

KamAZ-5222 will be distinguished by its futuristic design: the driver will have a digital instrument panel and a media system with a touchscreen, the optics will be completely switched to LEDs, and the emphasis will be placed not on modular units, but on original headlights and lanterns. Also, the new bus will be the first-born of the Neftekamsk plant with painting technology using a cataphoresis bath.

KamAZ showed the Vega bus and LED domestic headlights

The mutual interest of the Russian Union of Tourism Industry and KamAZ is understandable, because by 2026 our country plans to renew the fleet of tourist buses. The state will support tour operators with a preferential leasing program: it will be extended to excursion buses. KamAZ intends to compete in this segment: a tourist bus will be shown in 2025.

And KAMAZ came

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