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The Chelny auto giant volunteered to retrofit its vehicles with the ERA-GLONASS system: from July 1, 2022 to August 1, 2023, the plant produced trucks without a device for calling emergency services, since this was permissible. However, automakers have pledged to add a panic button later, and KamAZ will fulfill the condition by initiating a recall: the system will be installed free of charge by official dealers.

Due to a shortage of electronic components, Russian factories were allowed to produce cars without ERA-GLONASS, but now the situation with microchips has stabilized, and KamAZ will add a panic button to the entire batch of civilian trucks produced. The recall includes tractors, dump trucks, onboard vehicles and chassis with all kinds of add-ons – a total of 23,432 units.

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You can determine which cars are subject to the recall using the list on the official website of Rosstandart. KamAZ dealers will notify owners of trucks without ERA-GLONASS by phone or email. Since the summer of 2023, trucks will be equipped with an emergency call system by default.

Based on the results of April, KamAZ regained its leadership in the Russian car market. By the end of the year, the Chelny auto giant’s range will be replenished with three new products with K5 cabs, which, coupled with an increase in the recycling fee for imported equipment, will certainly make it possible not only to maintain, but also to increase its share in the cargo segment.

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