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The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced that due to a defect in the heated seats, almost all Kia Tellurides are at risk. The recall affects 462,869 SUVs for the North American market from model years 2020-2024. It is especially noted that a fire can occur both while driving and while parked, that is, when the ignition is turned off.

The cause of the global recall campaign was a faulty slider for the electrically heated front seats. The switch may get stuck in the on position, the part gradually heats up, and in certain cases, smoke and fire occur. Kia is aware of at least one case where the driver’s seat caught fire while driving, and in another six cases the electric drive unit melted.

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Kia dealers will install a new heated seat switch bracket and also replace the seat adjustment control knobs. Calls to owners of problematic Tellurides will begin on July 30, but all vehicle owners can call the hotline or otherwise contact the automaker for unscheduled repairs on their SUVs.

A defect in the electric seat drives became the second reason for the recall of all Kia Telluride sales. The SUVs were repaired for free for the first time two months ago due to a problem with the parking mode in the automatic transmission. Kia Telluride was also included in the recall with defective V6 engines.

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