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Kia Cerato, despite its rather ordinary appearance and technical content, has become quite popular in our country. Now Kia has prepared its successor in the form of the K4, which will debut at the New York International Auto Show next week.

Combining the fastback body with the wide rear roof pillars from the Kia Stinger with the crisp surfaces and EV9 SUV front end, the K4 looks much tougher and more refined than the current Cerato. Kia calls this design language “Twist Logic”.

The combination of the shape of the rear fenders, wide roof pillars and hidden rear door handles gives the body the appearance of a long two-door coupe. It’s like a modern take on the classic GT car, but there’s nothing retro about the LED headlights or taillights or the all-digital interior.

Inside, the unusually shaped steering wheel and wide digital instrument panel catch the eye. The latter combines styling elements seen on the EV6, EV9 and the recently updated Sorrento. The list of traditional elements consists of a classic T-shaped gear selector, two rows of physical buttons located above and below the central air vents, and a rotary controller for menu control.

While Kia has only revealed official images of the exterior and interior of the new K4, more information will be revealed next week at its debut. But we expect prices to start at $22,000, and the list of powertrains will include a 1.6-liter four-cylinder turbo engine and a hybrid unit. All-electric options are unlikely to appear.

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