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The Italian company Kimera Automobili, which made a name for itself with modern versions of the iconic Lancia 037 rally coupe, presented its most extreme project. The base model was the restomod Evo37, the all-wheel drive and improved version of the Evo37 became the Evo38 model, and the crazy K39 completed the lineup. This is no longer a road car, but a fully-fledged track racing prototype, which premiered at Pikes Peak.

The source of inspiration for this model was the Lancia Beta Turbo Montecarlo – the restomod received an elongated body with pronounced aerodynamic components, repeating the shape of the classic Italian sports car. The authors of the project say that the design of the K39 was inspired by the old racing car of the Martini Racing Team, which dominated the world championship in the 1970s and 1980s.

Kimera Automobili has announced a mysterious racing hyperrestomod

The race car has a longer tail with a massive rear wing and LED lights underneath, a roof fin, fender flares, side vents and a massive diffuser.

The K-39 will be released in the traditional Martini Racing livery. The technical characteristics of the model are not disclosed, but it is stated that the car has a carbon fiber chassis and carbon body panels. The circulation of the Kimera K39, as well as the cost of the new racing prototype in the spirit of models for conquering Pikes Peak, have not been announced.

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