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It is based on the Agera RS, but is equipped with an engine from a Jesko and a manual gearbox from a collectible CC850. The hypercar was built for former rally driver and current president of the International Automobile Federation Mohamed Ben Sulayem.

The name Chimera, a Greek mythological monster with the head and neck of a lion, the body of a goat and a tail in the form of a snake, perfectly reflects the changes that have taken place with the Agera RS. The unique hypercar was built for the president of the International Automobile Federation Mohamed Ben Sulayem. In fact, it combines three different cars: the Agera, Jesko and CC850. Koenigsegg has never done anything like this before, and there is every chance that the Chimera will remain a one-off creation.

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The familiar appearance of the Agera RS hides a completely new technical filling. If the original car had a V8 5.0 biturbo engine with a capacity of 1360 horsepower and 1371 Nm of torque, then here there is a unit from Jesko. The “eight” with a flat crankshaft has the same volume, but when refueled with bioethanol E85 it will produce 1600 forces and 1500 Nm (with regular gasoline – 1280 hp). On Jesko, the engine works in tandem with a nine-speed “robot” Light Speed ​​Transmission (LST), on Chimera – with a tricky “mechanics” CC850.

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The transmission is assembled from the LST “robot”, clutch pedal and lever with an open linkage. The lever is connected to the pedal, and the latter is connected to the hydraulic clutches of the gearbox. All moving parts, including the internal ones, are synchronized with each other, which creates the illusion that the gears are changed in the usual way, manually. In fact, the driver only sends a signal to the control unit, and the electronics do the rest.

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The simulation is so realistic that the car can stall if you release the clutch pedal too quickly. In manual mode, the driver has access to six gears, with different ratios for normal roads and the track. The automatic is activated by moving the lever to the far right position and offers all the benefits of a nine-speed LST – from instant gear changes to explosive acceleration with the UPOD function.

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But the innovations do not end there. Koenigsegg Chimera received a digital “dashboard” SmartCluster, like the Regera and Jesko. It was not installed on the regular Agera RS, but was already used in another project – Agera RS Refinement.

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