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The 6to6 Europe Tour 2024 event, which was supposed to start in Greece and end in Monaco, became known primarily not because of its results, but solely because of the fire of a Koenigsegg Jesko of one of the participants. The fire destroyed a Jesko NÜR Edition with a body made of Koenigsegg Naked Carbon. It turned out that the cause of the fire was a manufacturing defect, which now needs to be corrected on other copies of the model. And the Swedes will give the owner of the burned Jesko another one.

Initial reports blamed the fire on high revs and hot weather, with temperatures reaching 40 degrees Celsius that day, but an investigation by the Swedish carmaker revealed that a manufacturing defect was to blame. Christian von Koenigsegg said the fuel tank, engine oil and gearbox oil system were undamaged, but a streak of hydraulic fluid was left on the road behind the car.

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The only system containing this fluid in the car was the high-pressure hydraulic system, where the defect was discovered. It turned out that the hydraulic hose running in the rear of the car could not withstand the pressure, which caused the fire. The company said that it notified Jesko owners to refrain from driving their cars until the brand’s engineers checked them and replaced the defective parts.

Moreover, Koenigsegg will introduce another level of safety – a software update is being prepared that can detect a pressure drop or leak in less than a second and immediately shut down the hydraulic system to avoid a fire. As for the owner of the burned Koenigsegg Jesko NÜR Edition, the Swedish company promised to build him another copy of the car. And absolutely free of charge.

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