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The Hyundai brand decided to surprise by turning its Creta crossover into a pickup truck. This unexpected step will be a real breakthrough for the South Korean auto giant, opening up new horizons for conquering the Brazilian market.

According to the information, Hyundai intends to launch production of two new models at its plant in Anápolis, Goiás state, Brazil. One of them will be a mid-size pickup truck based on the compact Creta crossover. While Hyundai already has the Tucson-based Santa Cruz midsize pickup, its high price makes it less competitive with the likes of the Fiat Toro, Chevrolet Montana and the upcoming Volkswagen Tarok. Therefore, the brand needs to offer a more affordable alternative.

The idea to create a pickup truck based on the Creta is not new – in 2016, at the Sao Paulo Motor Show, Hyundai presented the STC concept, demonstrating the potential of such a model. Using existing Creta components, the new pickup truck will allow Hyundai to reduce production costs and speed up development. This decision could be beneficial not only for the Brazilian market, but also for other countries. (photo: Hyundai)

Earlier it became known that the production of the budget Lada Granta will go beyond Russia. According to the latest data, AvtoVAZ will launch production of this car in Azerbaijan.

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