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The Krug Expedition company presented a cool off-road camper Bedrock XT2 with a 6×4 wheel arrangement based on the Ford F-550.

However, this isn’t just your typical F-550: the company turned to Arctic Trucks to build a special AT44 XT2. As part of this modification, the pickup received a reinforced frame and significantly increased ground clearance.

It is noteworthy that the pickup truck was equipped with a third axle. The extra wheels are not powered, but an extra pair of wheels reduces ground pressure by more than 25%. The company also noted that these wheels are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes.

Other features include an eight-link rear air suspension, limited-slip differentials and 20-inch wheels wrapped in massive 43-inch Continental tires. The pickup also received a semi-automatic tire inflation system.

Perhaps one of the most interesting features is the ability to “detach” the chassis from the habitation module. This feature will also avoid damage to the residential module when driving off-road, when the frame experiences a twisting effect.

The residential module itself looks modern and includes, among other things, a small kitchen and a bathroom with a shower. Buyers will also find a sleeping area with a king-size bed, as well as a dining area that can be converted into an additional bed.

Equipment also includes a 32″ Smart TV in the dining area, a 24″ Smart TV in the alcove, Starlink internet preparation and a Truma Combi diesel heating system. The model is also equipped with a 1450 W solar panel and a 23 kWh battery for long periods of outdoor use.

While the base Bedrock XT2 is impressive, Krug Expedition noted that the motorhome has “limitless customization options.” The company also mentioned options such as air conditioning and an outdoor kitchen built into underfloor storage.

The price starts at $690,000 (62 million rubles), the length of the model is 6680 mm, and the wheelbase is 4470 mm.

Krug Expedition CEO Slava Knorr noted:

“The Bedrock XT2 is the result of years of extensive testing and customer feedback, resulting in our most capable vehicle ever. In recent years, we have noticed a strong demand for our vehicles in the US market. Bedrock XT2 gives us a great opportunity to enter this market with a vehicle that can take expeditions to a whole new level.”

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