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Mention of the Granta hatchback and station wagon has disappeared from the official Lada website

On the official website of the Russian car brand Lada, we found some changes in the configurator. This was brought to the attention of the insider public Avtograd News on the VKontakte social network. Based on updated data, the popular Lada Granta 2024 model is no longer available in modifications such as station wagon and hatchback. The editors of RG sent a request for comment on these changes to the company’s press service, but no response has yet been received. Perhaps the changes are related in some way to a shortage of components.

Previously, there was information that there would be no station wagon “Grants” due to low demand. This situation also affected Vesta – since the end of 2023, the company has mainly produced the car in a sedan body. It is also possible that the changes made are related to technical work. This reason was previously voiced by AvtoVAZ when data about the upcoming sale of the Lada X-Cross 5 disappeared from the website (photo: Lada).

Meanwhile, Za Rulem experts recently verified that the prices for Changan cars correspond to the recommended prices. Note that the Chinese brand took fifth place in sales in the Russian Federation.

Published: 01/30/2024 | Author: Marina Kapisheva

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