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Domestic auto giant AvtoVAZ has decided to radically reconsider its strategy in the affordable car segment. According to informed sources, in 2024 the Togliatti plant intends to sharply increase the production of budget modifications of the popular Lada Granta model.

If last year the numbers for the assembly of basic configurations were very modest, then this year their production amounts to tens of thousands of cars. This step is due to the desire of the management to maximally close the demand in various price niches where AvtoVAZ products are presented. After all, inexpensive Grant configurations are in high demand among some buyers with a limited budget.

Experts consider AvtoVAZ’s decision justified – the production of mass-produced and inexpensive models will help maintain the leading position of the Lada brand in the market. Last year, Granta became an undisputed bestseller with 206 thousand cars sold. Increasing the release of available versions will allow the company not only to maintain its customer base, but also to attract new customers from the lower price segment. (photo: Lada)

By the way, a new brand has entered the Russian automobile market today. The Italian-Chinese company SWM has introduced three new crossovers to our market. You can find out about the prices of the models and their equipment in our article.

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