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The official start of sales of two-pedal sedans and liftbacks took place a month ago, but such cars have only just begun to appear at dealers. Auto expert Maxim Kadakov found out that even in Togliatti it is not easy to purchase a Lada Granta with a Japanese automatic transmission – the first (very small) batch of cars was sold out in just an hour. The car dealership does not know when the plant will ship a new batch.

The Lada dealer confirmed that the recommended retail prices are being followed: a sedan with a classic automatic costs 1,177,000 rubles, a liftback costs 1,249,000 rubles. The difference with the price lists on the official website of the brand is purely symbolic. By the way, eyewitnesses have not yet photographed the new liftbacks with Japanese transmission: probably while the plant is shipping sedans.

AvtoVAZ answered why it will not develop its own automatic transmission. The most expensive Lada Granta. Sports – to the masses? AvtoVAZ assessed the prospects for developing a Lada turbo engine

AvtoVAZ warned that the stock of “sanctioned” Jatco machines will be enough for about five thousand cars, and some will not be available for free sale and will be purchased by social services. In past years, such a reserve would have been enough for a year, but in the current realities, the two-pedal Granta has no competitors, and therefore the cars risk becoming scarce. Dealers offer to leave applications and stand in line.

The Lada Granta with a 4-speed automatic transmission retains the proven 16-valve naturally aspirated engine with a volume of 1.6 liters. The overpayment for the Jatco transmission relative to the 5-speed Tolyatti “mechanics” is about 150 thousand rubles. You don’t have to choose a configuration: sedans are available in the Comfort Plus version, liftbacks are available in the #Club version.

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