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As the telegram channel “Autopotok” writes, the load-bearing body frame of the new Russian automobile industry, the Lada Iskra model, is only partially unified with the third generation Logan/Sandero. “The upper part of the frame of the Iskra is completely original, and only some internal elements of the body are the same for the Iskra and Sandero, in particular, the lock mounting plates,” the author of the channel reports, citing a source at AvtoVAZ.

The Lada Iskra is built on a simplified version of the French CMF-B platform – AvtoVAZ received the right to use it after Renault left Russia in 2022. The model has a McPherson strut at the front and a semi-independent beam at the rear. The budget Logan and Sandero of the third generation are also based on the same architecture, but while the French made a leap forward through electronic architecture, Iskra, due to sanctions, had to rely on solutions from Lada Vesta.

The dimensions also differ. Thus, the length of the Lada Iskra is 4333 millimeters, the width is 1777 millimeters, the height is 1517 millimeters, and the distance between the axles is 2603 millimeters. For comparison, the third generation Logan is 63 millimeters longer, 71 millimeters wider and 16 millimeters lower, and the wheelbase is 46 millimeters longer.

AvtoVAZ presented the Lada Iskra We tell you everything that is known about the new Lada Iskra Renault bestseller is sold in Russia at the price of Lada Vesta

AvtoVAZ previously reported that for “technological independence” approximately four hundred new parts were used in the Lada Iskra design. The Russian automaker has localized or imported an impressive list of components, from body parts to electronic components. The most obvious example is Chinese gearboxes. The domestic transmission (five-speed manual) will remain only in the cheapest versions with a 90-horsepower eight-valve VAZ-11 182 engine, while the 16-valve VAZ-21 127 with 106 horsepower will be equipped with an imported six-speed manual or CVT WLY.

At the beginning of June, an article was published in one of the Finnish publications, in which the author accused AvtoVAZ of stealing the drawings of the third generation Logan model. According to the Finnish observer, the Iskra sedan was created on the basis of solutions stolen from the Renault concern, and both the French and Romanian brands have nothing to do with the new product. However, the journalist did not mention that the Iskra project began under Renault, and the “third” Logan was planned to be assembled at AvtoVAZ.

New Russians: premieres of our automobile industry

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