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The Quto publication, having studied archival price lists from its catalog, found out how the cost of the VAZ “heel” has changed in recent years. Now Largus, already produced in Izhevsk, costs from 1,660,000 rubles, while in May 2021, for the same station wagon with a 90-horsepower engine they asked for only 724,900 rubles.

This starting price, however, did not last long. Already in July 2021, Largus rose in price to 749,900 rubles, and in September – to 768,900. In December, the model already cost at least 812,900 rubles.

In 2022, price growth accelerated for obvious reasons. In March, the cost of Largus exceeded a million rubles, reaching 1,076,900 rubles for the basic version with a 90 horsepower engine. In the same month, the model went up in price again – to 1,235,900 rubles, and in the summer they asked for it from 1,300,900.

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Last year, Largus was removed from AvtoVAZ price lists. A small batch of station wagons and vans assembled in 2023 was sold without announcing the recommended price – on average for 2,300,000 rubles.

A week ago, Izhevsk-made Largus began arriving at Lada car dealerships. The cars are offered in two versions: with an eight-valve 1.6-liter engine with 90 horsepower and with a 16-valve engine with 106 horsepower. By the end of 2024, AvtoVAZ plans to assemble 50 thousand Largus.

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