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They are sent notifications asking them to visit Lada dealerships to check the oil level in the automatic transmission, the Lada.Online portal reports, citing AvtoVAZ’s instructions. We are talking about the restyled Vesta NG, which began to be equipped with a CVT in the spring of this year, combined with a 122-horsepower 1.8 engine. If it turns out that there is not enough oil, you will have to change the variator.

Auto centers will check the oil level in the Chinese CVT. If it is below standard, the dealer should remove the pan and check if there are needle-shaped chips in it. If it is detected, it is necessary to replace the variator with a new one. All work will be carried out free of charge for car owners.

Notifications are received by Vesta owners from the list that is added to the document. On the Rosstandart website, where they usually publish a list of VIN numbers of “problem” cars, there is no information about the recall yet.

Lada Vesta with CVT. We’ve waited! The expert told us what kind of resource the Lada Vesta CVT will have. Chevrolet recalls a batch of Corvette C8 due to seat belts.

On the Lada Vesta, the CVT from the “eastern partner”, as AvtoVAZ described it, is combined with a 122-horsepower 1.8-liter EVO engine of the 2016 model with imported parts. This is a WanLiYang (WLY) CVT18 gearbox, which can also be found on Chery cars.

The minimum cost of a two-pedal Vesta today is 1,588,900 rubles, the same as at the time of sales launch three months ago.

In April, AvtoVAZ recalled Vesta and Granta for service due to problems with another gearbox – “mechanics”. It turned out that in some cars the reverse and fifth gears do not turn off, which can be solved by replacing the gear shift rod head.

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