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The brand’s head of research and development, Ruven Mor, told reporters that the supercrossover segment is “still growing,” so there remains a lot of opportunity in it. The Lamborghini engineer emphasized that underestimating Chinese cars “would be a big mistake,” because young brands from the Middle Kingdom have an advantage – local buyers know little about the brand’s heritage.

Ruven Mor called the speed of development of new products a big advantage of Chinese brands. However, the chief engineer suggested that the technology in the Middle Kingdom “is not much better than what we have in the West.” It is interesting that Lamborghini is afraid of competition with brands from China, but does not consider Ferrari Purosangue a competitor. They are ready to give up the unofficial championship in the luxury segment to the crossover from Maranello.

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Ruven Mor made it clear that the positioning of the hybrid Urus SE and the Ferrari Purosangue with a naturally aspirated V12 is different: the competitor from Maranello is much more expensive, but sells in smaller quantities, and Lamborghini is happy with this situation. Although prices for the Urus SE super hybrid have not been disclosed, most likely the new product will cost less than $300 thousand, while the Purosangue costs over $400 thousand.

It is no longer possible to order a non-hybrid Lamborghini crossover: such versions are still being produced, but the order book is full until 2025, so new customers will have to settle for the SE version or choose a car with a regular twin-turbo eight from stock.

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