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Lamborghini cars are usually associated with bright and aggressive design, powerful engines, and speed on the race track. But it turned out that the cars of the Italian brand could be even faster on the racetrack, but the company takes a different approach to the settings of its models. The emphasis is not on speed, but on driving pleasure for a person of any skill level. And what is good for a professional racing driver often hinders an amateur.

The technical director of the Italian automaker, Ruven Mor, lifted the veil of secrecy over the factory testing of new products before launching them into mass production. Each model undergoes three stages of testing on the race track under the control of drivers of different levels. “All pre-production cars on the circuit are tested by professional racing drivers, Lamborghini factory engineers, as well as regular drivers who periodically go to the track,” he said.

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“If the difference in lap times between a professional driver and an amateur driver is too great, we take another look at the chassis settings and change them to make sure the car will be interesting for regular drivers. We prefer that Lamborghini lose little lap time in the hands of a professional driver, but that the average driver can go faster and have more fun,” said Reuven Mor.

At the same time, the engineer confirmed that the cars are being fine-tuned at the Nürburgring Nordschleife, since this track provides unique opportunities for fine-tuning the chassis that cannot be obtained anywhere else. But the brand never chases lap records, because it considers it just an advertising gimmick that has nothing to do with reality for the average person.

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