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Business Insider has found out that the South Korean concern will have to repair a whole galaxy of “battery” models for free. The problem concerns built-in charging control units (ICCU): glitches have long been complained about on specialized forums, and Hyundai Motor admitted that they cannot do without a recall program. The campaign could affect owners around the world.

Last year, they tried to repair Hyundai and Kia electric cars as part of a service campaign: the software was updated, and on some cars the entire unit was replaced. However, an avalanche of complaints about ICCU units forced the Korean concern to announce a recall. The ICCU is an important unit, due to a defect in which the electric vehicle may not start, lose power, and it may be impossible to fully charge the battery.

The exact list of electric vehicles at risk has not been made public, but it seems that we are talking about the entire line of models on the E-GMP platform. The defect was detected on Hyundai Ioniq 5, Genesis GV60 and Kia EV6. It is expected that 170 thousand cars will be recalled in South Korea, and the total number of freely repaired electric vehicles will approach 600 thousand units. The American regulator NHTSA, during a preliminary investigation, found that the ICCU unit may be physically damaged due to a burnt out transistor.

South Korean journalists write that the global recall of Hyundai and Kia could provoke a drop in demand for “battery” models. At the same time, interest in electric vehicles is growing more slowly than expected. Three years ago, Hyundai was already faced with the need for a global recall of electric cars: then it turned out that Kona EV crossovers were equipped with batteries prone to fire.

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