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I recently came across two interesting camper trailers from Europe, built from heavy-duty tractor cabs. Why would anyone do this? Actually, I can’t answer this question, but perhaps they appeared only because it is unusual and creative.

Let’s start with a trailer made from the DAF XF Super Space Cab – the largest in the XF range. It is mounted on a two-axle trailer.

According to the information we were able to find, this cabin was defective during production and was not installed on the truck. It was purchased by a DAF employee who built a travel trailer.

The finished camper weighed 1.4 tons, and the creator used his compact Hyundai i30 station wagon as a tractor.

Except in practice the trip wasn’t as relaxing as it should have been. Not only was the overall width of the trailer significantly greater than the width of the car, the road train was not very stable at speeds due to terrible aerodynamics, and fuel consumption was also indecently high.

But this did not stop the Dutch owner from traveling with his family and attracting a lot of attention both on the roads and during campsites.

Apparently, legalizing such homemade trailers in Europe does not present any particular problems. Especially if a ready-made certified chassis is taken as a basis.

Another trailer with the same idea was found in Germany. Someone took a cab from a Mercedes-Benz SK Eurocab (high roof) truck and installed it on a single axle trailer.

The headlights were removed, and a bumper with rear lighting appeared immediately behind the wheel arches. A high hitch has also been added as, unlike the DAF trailer, this motorhome is pulled by a tall Unimog.

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