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First, the Lotus Chapman Bespoke service will work in China, then in other countries where the brand operates. The brand’s clients will be offered three directions: modifications to production models, limited editions of sports cars created in collaboration with Lotus partners, as well as individual cars that will be designed for a specific customer.

Lotus has announced the launch of its custom tailoring service, Lotus Chapman Bespoke. From the end of April, Chinese customers will be able to use it, and then the service will work throughout the world. The idea is the same as with Bentley Mulliner and Atelier Ferrari – to give buyers the opportunity to personalize the car or even get something unique, built in a single copy.

As part of the Bespoke service, the British will offer three directions. Basic Tailor-made will provide access to a wide range of exterior colors, interior trim options and exclusive decor. The Collection program is a series of limited edition Lotus models developed in collaboration with partners, artists and luxury brands. Finally, the name of the One-off direction speaks for itself and means one-piece and very expensive individual projects.


An example of the latter would be the Type 66 from Lotus Advanced Performance. The car was developed more than half a century ago for the Can-Am series, but was never brought to life in metal. In fact, it had to be designed from scratch, taking into account modern safety standards. The heart of the Type 66 was a typical 1960s V8 engine, developing 840 horsepower and 746 Nm of torque.

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