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The full-size SUV made its debut at the New York Auto Show: the flagship of the Japanese brand was not only transformed outside and inside, but also became more modern and technologically advanced. The naturally aspirated V8 engine was excluded from the engine range, replacing it with a more powerful twin-turbo six, and the new QX80 was also promised an optional air suspension with ride height adjustment, adaptive shock absorbers and active flaps in the radiator grille.

The design of the new generation QX80 is made in the signature style of Artistry In Motion, which can be translated as “artistry in motion.” Among its features are smooth body lines, front optics arranged in two levels and a massive radiator grille, symbolizing, as Infiniti says, “the splendor of a bamboo forest” – all the same things we saw in last year’s QX Monograph concept.

Infiniti Infiniti Infiniti Infiniti

As expected, the chrome in the decor gave way to a discreet black gloss, the glazing line changed, and a solid multi-section mono light appeared at the rear, designed in the form of piano keys – the running lights are made in a similar style. Active dampers were built into the radiator grille, which, when closed, reduce air resistance and reduce consumption.

The diagonal of the screens is 14.3 inches, and the display on the center console is nine inches. Using the interior and front cameras, you can log your trip and share content with friends on social networks.
Infiniti Provides atmospheric lighting with 64 colors to choose from
Infiniti Infiniti Seven- and eight-seat versions will be available
Infiniti Infiniti Infiniti

Among the features in the cabin, it is worth noting the acoustic system of the American company Klipsch with 24 speakers (four of them are integrated into the ceiling, several more are built into the headrests), a TriPower subwoofer and a 24-channel amplifier. Passengers in the second row have access to a biometric cooling function: an infrared sensor detects when the passenger is hot, and the climate control system instantly sends cool air to the second row, cooling it to the optimal temperature. And finally, the massage function is now available not only for the driver and front passenger, but also in the second row.

The main change in the technical part is the 3.5-liter twin-turbo six, which replaced the 5.6-liter V8 from the range. In specifications for the North American market, the new engine produces 450 horsepower and 698 Nm of torque instead of 400 horsepower and 560 Nm in the V8. The unit is paired with a nine-speed automatic transmission, which has a range of gear ratios that is 40 percent wider than the previous seven-speed gearbox. As a result, the QX80 is more dynamic and consumes less fuel.

Options for the new QX80 will include Electronic Air Suspension air suspension and Dynamic Digital Suspension electronically controlled shock absorbers. When getting in and out, the QX80 squats slightly, and while driving, the system automatically adjusts the chassis rigidity, thereby reducing sway and roll. Ground clearance decreases by 71 millimeters or increases by 61 millimeters.

Sales in the US will start in the summer, prices have already been announced: the new Infiniti QX80 will cost Americans $82,450 for the base rear-wheel drive version and $110,595 for the all-wheel drive SUV in the top-end Autograth trim. In terms of today’s exchange rate, this is approximately 7.6-10.2 million rubles.

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