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Despite the increase in recycling fees for Chinese cars imported into the country, the head of AvtoVAZ considers these measures insufficient. He calls for increasing its size even further so that Chinese brands do not occupy market segments traditionally owned by the Russian manufacturer.

According to Sokolov, Chinese brands are reducing the cost of cars and occupying the niche in which the Russian Lada Vesta is located. Despite the significant size of the recycling fee, Chinese manufacturers can offer significant discounts due to lower production costs. Thus, they create competition for the Russian model, and the president of AvtoVAZ calls this active expansion. According to Sokolov, it is necessary to take all government support measures to help the Russian brand, including government purchases of cars. (photo: Lada)

It was previously reported that the Tiggo 8 Pro car from Chery has become more expensive by more than a million rubles since the start of sales. It became known at what price the model could be purchased just two years ago, when it was put on sale.

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