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Motorinvest has adjusted the price list for Evolyut cars. Thus, three models have become more expensive – i-Joy, i-Sky and i-Jet crossovers. However, this is not a direct increase in the price of electric cars, but a reduction in the direct discount. Due to this, the i-Sky model, for example, immediately increased in price by 300,000 rubles, writes Avtonovosti Dnya based on the results of the monitoring of price lists.

As for the other two models, the discount on the Evolute i-Jet has been reduced by 120,000 rubles. The i-Joy is now priced at 175,000 rubles more. According to the current price list, the cost of the i-Joy model starts at 3.84 million rubles. Dealers are asking at least 4.45 million rubles for the Evolute i-Sky. The third model, the i-Jet, which is the most expensive in the Evolute production line, is priced at 6.31 million rubles. This car is positioned by the company as the most dynamic and sporty crossover in the brand’s model range. The discount after adjustment is 110,000 rubles.

The direct discount on the “battery” SUV i-Joy has dropped to 155 thousand rubles against the previous 175 thousand rubles. The biggest discount was cut on the i-Sky, which instead of the previous 765 thousand rubles is 465 thousand rubles. Customers can get a discount of 35% of the RRP when applying for a loan under the state program. The discount will be a maximum of 925 thousand rubles. Sales of the hybrid “Evolute” – i-Space will start soon (photo: Evolute).

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