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Once upon a time, Mercedes already tried to create a separate brand to compete with Rolls-Royce – for this they dug up the legendary name of luxury German limousines Maybach from the archives. But here’s a surprise: in the arsenal of marketers from Ingolstadt, they also have rights to the name of another deceased luxury German manufacturer – Horch. And then Mercedes demonstrated to everyone that it is enough to simply call the most luxurious versions of their sedans Maybach. In general, let me introduce Audi’s first attempt at creating a limousine using the same recipe: the A8 L Horch sedan.

This is the most expensive and largest Audi car at the moment: 13 cm longer than the standard A8. And, interestingly, all this is currently only available in China. The interior features luxurious two-tone leather, Alcantara, separate rear seats with massage, heating and ventilation. Plus, 20-inch wheels, air suspension, two-tone body… But under the hood of the Horch, a surprise awaits buyers. There, without any options, hides one, the only possible engine: a three-liter gasoline V6 with a return of 340 horsepower. And we no longer have to wait for any V8s, much less V10s (as well as other W12s). In general, real exotic! But what does it look like when examined in detail? All the details in the new video!

By the way, about interesting Audis. Not long ago we said goodbye to the Audi TT. How will we remember “auntie”? A name in honor of a motorcycle race, forced crash tests, and even a crossover that never happened… In general, the story turned out to be interesting.

And here you can read the history of the small but heroic Audi A2. Why did the most progressive subcompact of its time not live up to expectations? And who would have known then that in exchange for so many interesting models the Germans would offer us the Audi A8 L Horch? /m

Video: Mercedes-Maybach S-Class – first review of the new Maybach Geely Number 01: Mercedes clone on the Audi Maybach chassis: chronicle of a grandiose failure

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