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According to the Motor1 portal, cars with an incorrectly installed grounding cable will be sent to service centers. Dealer representatives will check the location of the element on all vehicles affected by the recall. If a fault is confirmed, specialists will install the part correctly. All work will be performed free of charge for car owners.

Incorrect placement of the grounding cable can lead to a short circuit and, as a result, a fire. Mercedes-Benz experts believe that the cable connection on 116 thousand GLE and GLS crossovers may be weakened due to repair work that was previously carried out near the element.

Dealership staff will reinstall the grounding cable free of charge on all vehicles affected by the major recall.

At the end of February, more than 600,000 pickups and SUVs from the Toyota and Lexus brands were affected by the recall. Company specialists identified problems with the transmission and rear axle.

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