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The latest version of the MBUX system supports 5G networks, as well as music and video streaming applications. In addition, it allows you to automate routine processes, such as turning on heated seats and steering wheel at a certain temperature. In addition to the media system, the cars also got new body colors, and the crossover also got a digital key function.

The Mercedes C-Class and GLC families have received a number of new updates. Home is the latest version of the MBUX multimedia system with support for 5G networks and the ability to download third-party applications via the Mercedes me Store. In combination with the Premium Plus Package, it gives access to Internet radio, audio and video streaming, as well as prepaid traffic packages. In addition, cars with this option have a Burmester audio system by default.

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Similar to CLE, the new media system allows automation of “comfort functions”. The standard templates are the same: “Cold days” activates seat heating at a certain outside temperature, and “Romantic evening” changes the color of the background lighting to pink and turns on pleasant music. Of course, you can create your own options. Including combining the operation of various options based on one trigger – the same temperature.

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As part of the mini-update, the GLC and GLC Coupe received digital key support. It can be shared with family and friends up to 16 people. In addition, a new body color MANUFAKTUR alpine gray is offered for both families, and metallic verde silver is also available for the GLC. Accepting orders for improved models is already open. In Germany, prices for the C-Class start from 47,730.90 euros (4.7 million rubles), for the GLC – from 59,809.40 (5.9 million rubles).

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