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In Belarus, they organized the assembly of Nizhny Novgorod cars from imported vehicle kits. So far, two versions have been localized: a minibus with a capacity of up to 22 passengers and an all-metal van with a long base and a high roof. Interestingly, under the MAZ brand, neighbors are already selling Chinese competitors of the Gazel: trucks, minibuses and vans JAC and Foton.

The Minsk version of the Gazelle differs from the Nizhny Novgorod version not only by the logo on the radiator grille and the LIRA nameplates on the front doors. The description says that the localized G31 turbodiesel (2.5 liters, 150 horsepower) is combined with a 5-speed manual, while Russian Gazelles NN are sold with a more modern domestic six-speed.

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Otherwise, there are no differences: the engine belongs to the Euro-3 environmental class, the technically permissible gross weight of the minibus is five tons, and of the van – 3.5 tons. Prices are not listed on the Belarusian MAZ website, but in Russia, prices for the Gazel NN start at 3,265,000 rubles for the basic version with a flatbed body or a “short” van.

The list of upcoming new products from GAZ Group includes an all-wheel drive version of the Sobol NN. Such vans and minivans are already being produced, and sales will start after all official dealers are provided with the vehicles. Prices for the basic Sobol NN van start at 3,090,000 rubles.

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