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Haval recalls more than 30 thousand F7 and F7x crossovers due to a serious defect

Haval has decided to launch a recall campaign that will affect the Haval F7 and F7x crossovers. We are talking specifically about those cars that were sold between the beginning of December 2022 and December 27, 2023. The Russian division of the Chinese brand Haval is recalling a total of 32.1 thousand crossovers of two models, as reported on the Rosstandart website. The reason was the possibility of a short circuit in the electrical wiring due to insufficient protection from moisture at the connector of the wiring harness located under the driver’s seat.

This may cause this connector to melt. Owners of such cars, after receiving the appropriate notification, sent either in writing or by telephone, will be required to come to the nearest dealer. You can also find information yourself using the list of VIN codes on the Rosstandart website. If you find relevant information in this list, you must coordinate the time of the visit with the DC, where this deficiency will be eliminated (photo: Haval).

Meanwhile, prices for the Jetta VS7 and Mazda CX-4 in Russia have decreased. The updated price list for crossovers is known.

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