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The name of the new car from Morgan openly hints at the summer season, which will begin soon. Midsummer is made so “summer” that it doesn’t even include any kind of folding roof or traditional windshield. Just a couple of small appearances for the driver and passenger.

The designers at Pininfarina, with whom the Morgan Midsummer was developed, did an excellent job: a chrome belt at the bottom, classically round headlights and taillights, lots of wood. Moreover, for finishing, not solid wood was used, but multilayer elements (120-126 layers depending on the finish) with a thickness of each layer of no more than 0.6 mm.

The technical component of the exclusive Morgan Midsummer car is identical to the Morgan Plus Six roadster, which became the basis of the project. It is driven by an inline 6-cylinder BMW engine (340 hp and 500 Nm) paired with a traditional 8-speed automatic transmission, the joystick of which can be seen in the cabin.

Accordingly, for the Morgan Midsummer we can expect similar dynamic and speed performance at the level of the Morgan Plus Six model: acceleration 0-100 km/h in 4.2 seconds and a top speed of 267 km/h.

Only 50 examples of the Morgan Midsummer will be produced. The cost of each will be about $150-200 thousand, depending on the client’s individual preferences – body painting options, interior trim, additional options.

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