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Senator of the Federation Council Ayrat Gibatdinov appealed to the Ministry of Transport with a request to eliminate the gap in the traffic rules that allows motorcyclists to ride between the rows, RIA Novosti reports. He noted that bikers violate the rules for changing lanes, do not keep a distance from surrounding cars and accelerate too quickly, which provokes accidents.

Gibatdinov asks to amend the traffic rules, prohibiting several vehicles from moving in the same lane or between them. He also proposes to adjust the rules for determining the intervals between them “in order to protect bona fide car owners and motorcyclists.”

Currently, motorcyclists are not formally prohibited from riding between lanes. The traffic rules only prohibit driving straight along the markings and require drivers to maintain a safe lateral interval (clause 9.10). However, the rules do not stipulate what exactly it should be.

The Guinness record-breaking motorcycle will be auctioned. It has a 48-cylinder engine. In Russia, requirements for parking electric vehicles will be tightened. Scooters will still be fined using cameras.

Due to gaps in the legislation, motorcyclists create interference and safety risks for other road users, the senator pointed out. He also mentioned the “sad” statistics on motorcycle accidents, the number of which is growing every year.

And 80 percent of all accidents—with or without motorcycles—are caused by dangerous driving. At least, this is what is said in the explanatory note to the bill, which was submitted to the State Duma in early June. It provides for severe punishment for reckless drivers – a fine of three to five thousand rubles and deprivation of rights for a period of one to three months. The project has already received positive feedback from the government.

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