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### UAZ “Patriot” Company from Kolomna [превратила]( Ulyanovsk SUV in a camper for four passengers. It is made entirely from Russian components.
Avtokempperprom The original body was trimmed, retaining only a couple of standard doors, and a residential module was added. The car was equipped with a holder for three bicycles, roof rails, a tow bar, a power bumper and roof lighting. The length, width and height of the car reached 5.4; 2.1 and 3.1 meters respectively, and it weighs 2.35 tons.
Avtokempperprom The interior now has sleeping spaces measuring 1.9 by 1.4 and 1.85 by 1.0 meters. The kitchen area includes a 95-liter refrigerator, single-burner induction hob, microwave and coffee machine.
Avtokempperprom There is a washing machine, 110- and 45-liter tanks for clean and used water, respectively, a flow-through electric boiler, two air heaters and batteries, recharged, among other things, using solar panels.
Avtokempperprom ### GAZ “Sadko Next” Nizhny Novgorod truck [превратился] ( into a camper for 13 million rubles. Autonomous systems allow it to be used at any time of the year.
Integrated Transport Technologies Their operation is ensured by a diesel engine or an external generator. The residential module has bunk beds, a folding table, a bathroom with a dry closet and a shower.
Integrated Transport Technologies In addition, there is a kitchen with a sink, hob, refrigerator and extractor hood. A flip-up screen and Wi-Fi router are also included. Customers can choose a custom design.
Integrated Transport Technologies For example, they will offer additional storage space in the residential module, a roof rack, a set for satellite Internet, and an autonomous heater with a wood-burning stove and chimney. The car is driven by a 4.4-liter 150-horsepower YaMZ diesel engine.
Integrated Transport Technologies ### Volkswagen California German company [представила]( the next generation of its camper: the T7 Multivan became the basis . Five levels of equipment and three power plants, including an electrified one, have been prepared for the new product.
Volkswagen One of the main features remains the lifting roof with a tent, offered already in the initial configuration. In addition, there are front seats that rotate 180 degrees and sliding doors. The rear individual seats can be converted into a sleeping area or removed.
Volkswagen The three most expensive options have a kitchen with a sink, stove and storage compartments. The top version was equipped with additional batteries, a folding table, a pair of 230-volt sockets and a container for drinking water.
Volkswagen Many functions are controlled by a tablet located in the rear of the interior. A 150-horsepower four-cylinder diesel engine, a 204-horsepower gasoline engine, and a 245-horsepower hybrid system complemented by 4Motion all-wheel drive are available.
Volkswagen ### Volkswagen Multivan Those who do not need a full-fledged motorhome, [могут приобрести]( Good Night Package for the standard version.
Volkswagen The sleeping area includes a slatted frame and a mattress measuring 2.02 x 1.21 meters: the result is a bed for two adults. It is placed on top of folded seats or in an empty interior, which makes it possible to store things under it.
Volkswagen When folded, the bed is located behind the second row or above the stowed third. Curtains are attached to the windshield, rear and side windows. If the car is equipped with a panoramic roof, it is also offered to darken it with a curtain.
Volkswagen Ventilation grilles are installed on the front side windows. The initial set of modifications costs 2868 euros, and for another 3356 you can buy a set of folding furniture with a table and two chairs.
Volkswagen ### Lamborghini Urus Camperghini Atelier Delta 4×4 from the German city of Unterumbach [помогло]( for a Colorado resident to turn an Italian crossover into an off-road motorhome. On the roof there is a removable trunk, which is a platform for an awning and a Starlink terminal: the latter provides Internet access.
Camperghini Sand trucks, a spare tire and other accessories are mounted on the same roof rack. The car received 22-inch diameter wheels with off-road tires, and the rear bumper was removed so that it would not spoil the geometric off-road capability.
Camperghini The four-liter V8 petrol turbo engine produces the same 650 horsepower and 850 Nm, working with an eight-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive. The car’s parameters suit the owner, but some features do not allow the supercrossover to be considered an ideal option for off-road travel.
Camperghini For example, it will not be possible to place mosquito nets on frameless windows, and due to the lack of adjustments at the headrests of the front seats, it will not be possible to create places to sleep: the transformable rear row makes it possible to organize only one sleeping place.
Camperghini ### Irmscher Custom Spirit Ford Transit Custom too [превратили]( into an off-road camper. Employees of Irmscher Van Systems gave the appearance of the minibus more aggression, but minimal technical innovations.
Irmscher The body has become wider thanks to the overlays on the arches, and the ground clearance has increased. The body kit includes bumper covers, other sills and a rear spoiler.
Irmscher A removable i Box module is installed in the trunk: it provides sleeping areas, a stove, a sink and a shower, and there is also an abundance of compartments and pockets for storage.
Irmscher Finally, there are 18-inch wheels with off-road tires, matte body stickers and an exclusive yellow-green-black paint job.
Irmscher ### KamAZ-43118 6×6 Nizhny Novgorod company [превратила]( a three-axle truck into a luxury motorhome for 27,377,000 rubles, and the transformation of an existing copy will cost 14,689,000.
Volga-Trade The residential module has dimensions of 7.2 x 2.4 x 2.0 meters. In the living area there is a sofa and a lift-up table, in the kitchen there is a countertop, a sink and a three-burner hob.
Volga-Trade A refrigerator, microwave and pull-out trash can were built into the cabinets. There is even a coffee machine, and the motorhome is equipped with a shower and toilet. There are also power outlets and USB ports, a couple of TVs and a soundbar with subwoofer.
Volga-Trade Electrical energy comes from four batteries, a gas generator and rooftop solar panels. There were also tanks for clean and used water, a gas boiler and backup heating.

Motorhomes continue to gain popularity: similar projects are increasingly appearing in different countries, including Russia. Just since the beginning of this year, several interesting models in this segment have debuted. The basis for them was the next generation of two legendary minibuses and an Italian supercrossover, as well as three Russian cars at once – two trucks and an SUV. New campers differ from each other in the amount of modifications, level of comfort and cost. However, all of them are suitable for autonomous life away from civilization, and some can surprise with luxury, cross-country ability and even speed.

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