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As a step towards solving the problem of difficult access for ambulances, a proposal has emerged to give “reammobiles” the right to ram illegally parked cars. Irina Frank, director of the automobile company Frank Auto, shared her opinion on this matter with the portal.

The initiator of the proposal was State Duma deputy Sergei Kolunov. He advocated installing special power bumpers on ambulances. They will allow emergency drivers to displace obstructing vehicles, thereby ensuring timely arrival at the designated location.

Irina Frank spoke out on this issue, recognizing the need to facilitate unimpeded access for emergency services. She emphasized that the proposed measure would only be applied in difficult circumstances, when there are no other options and human life “hangs by a thread.” Most likely, no one will compensate the owner of damaged cars. It is not yet known whether such a law will be approved, but if so, then ambulances with powerful bumpers will soon be driving on Russian roads.

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