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NASCAR has unveiled a prototype of an electric crossover for circuit racing, created in collaboration with ABB, as well as Chevrolet, Ford and Toyota.

Despite the unveiling of the new electric vehicle, NASCAR officials said they “remain committed to the use of the internal combustion engine in racing.”

The model is equipped with three electric motors, which together produce up to 1,341 hp, as well as a 78 kWh battery. Two electric motors are located at the rear, and the third is at the front. They are 6-phase STARD UHP units, which recently led the Ford F-150 Lightning SuperTruck to victory at Pikes Peak.

The prototype uses a modified next-generation chassis. The crossover-style body is made of durable flax-based composite. It has a fully enclosed grille, a massive rear wing and an equally huge diffuser. They are accompanied by a regenerative braking system and special Goodyear tires.

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