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Tembo, a renowned manufacturer of electric 4×4 conversions, has announced the launch of the new Tembo Tusker electric pick-up truck in Australia. The Tusker range will be available in single (Tusker-S) and double (Tusker-D) cab versions, featuring 65 kWh and 77 kWh battery packs, providing a range of between 330 and 400 km on a single charge respectively.

According to the commercial director of VivoPower, which owns Tembo, the new Tusker will be the most affordable electric pick-up truck on the Australian market. This price point was achieved thanks to the company’s experience in developing electric 4×4 vehicles and a manufacturing strategy based on partnerships with leading global manufacturers and suppliers. Tembo expects the combination of high performance and affordable price of the Tusker to allow it to take a leading position in the pick-up market.

In addition to the new Tusker, Tembo will continue to offer its e-LV electric conversion kits, which convert combustion engine vehicles into fully electric vehicles. First introduced in Australia in 2018, the kits are particularly popular in the mining industry and can be fitted to used vehicles such as the Toyota Land Cruiser and HiLux. No Australian sales date has yet been announced for the Tembo Tusker. (Photo: Tembo)

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