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The model with the T1 index is positioned one step lower than the T2, which we already sell, while in terms of dimensions the “junior” crossover is not much inferior to the “senior”: it is literally a few centimeters shorter with the same wheelbase. The Chinese Cars website, which publishes fresh spy shots of the new product, reports that in Russia the T1 will be offered with a combination of a two-liter turbo engine and an eight-speed automatic, and it will have all-wheel drive.

Jetour officially announced the appearance of T1 in Russia back in March of this year, when it introduced T2 to the market. Then it was reported that the model would be offered with both a conventional internal combustion engine (the aforementioned 2.0-liter engine) and a hybrid unit, and the “one” would have to compete with the Haval Dargo.

However, if in Russia they are waiting for an all-wheel drive modification of the model, then new photographs taken in China show another version – with front-wheel drive and a “basic” 1.5-liter engine with 184 horsepower. This T1, the publication writes, is equipped with a seven-speed robotic gearbox. The test prototype also has other features, for example, the ability to install a tow bar and independent suspension on the rear axle.

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How much Jetour T1 will cost in Russia is still unknown, and prices in China have not been announced. It is logical to assume that it will be cheaper than the “older” T2, which in its native Chinese market can be bought for 124.9 thousand yuan (1.5 million rubles). This means that prices for T1 can start at 100-110 thousand yuan (1.2-1.3 million rubles).

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There is less than a year left before the launch of the new product in Russia, since the start of sales is scheduled for the first quarter of 2025. In the meantime, Jetour is represented by four models: crossovers X70, X90, Dashing and T2.

By the end of 2024, namely in the third quarter (July-September), the model line will be replenished with the compact SUV X50, known in China as the Soueast X50. Later, next year, the T2 will acquire a plug-in hybrid modification and a three-row design with seven seats. In the same year, Dashing and X70 Plus will be updated, and at the beginning of 2026, another representative of the T-line will enter the market – the large T3. Jetour’s plans for the Russian market also include a P3 pickup.

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