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Now Niva Travel has a three-spoke steering wheel with a thicker rim – you can see it in the photo published by the Avtograd News community. Telegram channel “[Автопоток](” in turn writes that the steering wheel of the new design began to be installed on the model since July of this year, it replaced the four-spoke one, familiar from Priora/Kalina, which was used since 2022. This update in the interior did not affect the cost of the Lada Niva Travel.

The design of the Niva steering wheel has changed several times. Thus, from 2002 to 2009, a steering wheel was used that was developed by the Italians at the request of AvtoVAZ; since 2009, the Chevrolet Niva has been equipped with a steering wheel from the Opel Corsa, which was also installed after the model was renamed Lada Niva Travel and restyling in 2021. This continued until 2022, when the Corsa steering wheel was replaced with a part from the discontinued Priora. In mid-2024, the design was updated again.

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The official Lada website lists the following price range for the model: the basic configuration starts at 1,269,000 rubles, while the top-end Black version costs 1,556,000. Since June, the Enjoy Pro multimedia system with extended functionality and integrated Yandex services has become available for the Comfort MMC, BLACK MMC, Luxe and Luxe KHL versions — these are Navigator, Yandex Music and Bookmate. Prices for the Niva Travel with Enjoy Pro start at 1,462,000 rubles and reach 1,651,000 rubles.

The current price list is dated July 9th.

In addition, at the beginning of summer, AvtoVAZ presented a prototype of the electric Lada Niva Travel at the SPIEF-2024. It is powered by an electric motor with a nominal power of 60 kilowatts (maximum – 120 kW or 163 horsepower). The battery capacity is 34 kilowatt-hours, and on one charge the electric crossover can travel a modest 175 kilometers. Charging from a regular outlet takes 12 hours. In the foreseeable future, the automaker does not plan to mass-produce such an electric car – the prototype only demonstrates the capabilities.

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