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Yes, this is another Tank model, and it will appear in Russia this year. At the same time, the price of such a “seven hundredth” Tank, just don’t fall, can get close to ten million rubles. The exact cost is still unknown, but it is already clear that two very different versions of the SUV will be produced, which differ in price by almost twice! And we wouldn’t dare call any of them accessible…

And if one of you decides to bring the Tank 700 to Russia in its maximum configuration, then it will already cost more than 13, or even more than 15 million! This is the territory of the Land Cruiser 300 that everyone understands! However, most likely it will be the “regular” versions that will be in our showrooms. And who knows, maybe the younger model Tank 400 will join them. Bloggers of the PrivetTachka channel visited the Great Wall Motor company’s test site in China to be the first to ride these cars and briefly talk about their impressions. Another thing is, are you mentally prepared for cars from the Middle Kingdom at such prices?

By the way, here you can read an article about the Tank 500 Urban – yes, the flagship Tank got a hybrid power plant and a third row of seats, but did it get any better?

And on Motor you can watch the Tank 300’s cross-country ability test in merciless mud – if you are interested in a tough test of the off-road, urban and expeditionary capabilities of the Chinese rival Wrangler and Defender, then click here. /m

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