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As the poet sang: “Camry 3.5, we’re going to die, we’re coming from the yards, we’re going to shoot.” It’s not so easy to remember a car that would have acquired so many myths, legends, stereotypes and songs in Russia. Don’t believe me? You can enter the request “song about Camry” into a search engine and spend the next day listening to these “hits”. True, now the Toyota sedan is no longer so relevant in Russia, but somewhere in distant countries it continues to live its own life and even change generations. Is it worth mourning his disappearance?

This could be found out at the Beijing International Auto Show, where the new Toyota Camry of the 25th model year was presented. But here everything is ambiguous: for example, under the hood of the rejuvenated Camry there is only a hybrid power plant with front-wheel drive. And even though this is a version for the Chinese market, just such cars may leak into Russia in the future. At the same time, for the USA, the Japanese still provided other engines with optional all-wheel drive. But most importantly, the new Camry has changed both inside and outside. Look at it for yourself:

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New Toyota Camry: two types of design, advanced interior and one Toyota Sequoia engine – and why now Land Cruiser? Anti-Camry from the USA: they don’t know about such a Toyota in Europe

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