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The L60 model will be produced under the Onvo brand (in China – Ledao), and its appearance is the merit of the author of the exterior of the “first” Bentley Continental GT, Raoul Pires. The crossover will have a transformable interior, a simple “autopilot” based on a camera and radar, as well as several power plants to choose from. The promised range is from 555 to 730 kilometers. And later the L60 will have a version with a range of 1000+ kilometers.

The Ledao brand, launched by Nio for budget family cars, presented its first model. This is the L60 coupe-crossover with an electric powertrain and an unremarkable appearance, which was allegedly worked on by the former head of Bentley’s exterior design department, Raoul Pires. Outside of China, the car will be sold under the Onvo brand. The acronym is derived from the phrase On Voyage, which literally translates as “on a journey.”

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There is not much data available about the Onvo L60 yet. Nio considers it a direct competitor to the Tesla Model Y. Moreover, the newcomer has a 900-volt architecture, silicon carbide inverters, a fairly low air resistance coefficient of 0.229 and low energy consumption – 12.1 kilowatt-hours per 100 kilometers. The parameters of the power plants are not disclosed, but it is known that there will be at least two batteries, 60 and 85 kilowatt-hours. The power reserve will be 555 and 730 kilometers, respectively, with the prospect of increasing to 1000.

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The electric car will be equipped with adaptive shock absorbers, multimedia with a 17.2-inch diagonal screen, a head-up display, an additional 8-inch screen for rear passengers, a panoramic roof, cameras and radar. In China, sales of Onvo L60 will begin in September. The starting price is 219.9 thousand yuan, which corresponds to 2.6 million rubles. For comparison: the Nio EC6, which is similar in form factor, costs from 358 thousand yuan, or 4.5 million rubles.

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