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The reason for the unusual indication is the desire to free up warehouses for new cars for the 2025 model year. In the US, Nissan dealers have record inventories, and headquarters wants to solve this problem through a sales incentive plan. The details of the agreement are not known, but from now on car dealerships can advertise cars below the recommended retail price.

The memo, obtained by journalists, confirms that the Nissan line of the outgoing 2024 model year can be sold with a discount of up to ten percent, and for some models, for example, the Armada SUV, the discount can be 15 percent. However, dealers have already reported that it will not be possible to save money when purchasing sports cars and American bestsellers.

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First of all, the discount will be offered for rare trim levels and illiquid models. There are no specifics yet, because car dealerships have only just received a letter from Nissan. Interestingly, American dealers are suffering from overstocking, although Nissan sales are growing: the Japanese brand ended 2023 with an increase of 22 percent, and the first quarter of 2024 was even more successful (+8.5 percent).

In the fall, the American Nissan line will be replenished with the anniversary sports car Z. The occasion is appropriate: the 55th anniversary of the predecessor of the Datsun 240Z model. According to insiders, the matter will not be limited to decor: Nissan can develop an original body kit for the limited special version.

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