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The Japanese presented a special scent from the Formula E team: it was called Smell My Dust, which can be translated as “Inhale my dust” – a hint of the smell and clouds of dust that are left to be inhaled by those following the race leader. The perfume will be publicly presented this coming weekend, when the electric Formula race will be held for the first time in Shanghai, China.

The Smell My Dust aroma, which was created with the help of Chinese perfumers, combines notes of sakura – a flower from the car’s livery, burnt sugar and wood. They are complemented by the smell of hot rubber, to create which particles of real tires from Nissan racing cars were mixed into the perfume.


The result is a scent that “embodies the beauty of a flower and the excitement of a racing team,” Nissan says. They are betting on the popularity of niche scents among young people, which should help attract attention to Formula E.

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However, this is not the first fragrance from Nissan. The website has a whole line of perfumes with car names – Armada, Patrol, GTR and 350Z, with more traditional refreshing or woody bouquets.

Last summer, Bentley launched another perfume. It was dedicated to the “special black” version of Blackline cars, valued at $88 – more than eight thousand rubles.

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