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Nissan Vice President Francois Bailly commented on the generation change of the iconic model in a conversation with the Australian publication Drive. According to him, GT-R fans will have to wait quite a long time for the new product, since “there are no necessary technologies yet” to create it. But the wait will be rewarded: in the next generation, the GT-R will be switched to electricity and made into a “full-fledged supercar.”

By missing technologies, Bailly meant solid-state batteries, which, according to the company’s plans, will be equipped with the electric GT-R and which are not yet widely available. It is expected that when creating the model, engineers will focus on last year’s Hyper Force show car – it received the same solid-state battery. The concept was powered by an electric unit producing 1,360 horsepower and had all-wheel drive.

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As for the current GT-R (R35), it has been on sale since 2007. The supercar underwent its last update at the beginning of 2023: then the models slightly modernized the design, improved aerodynamics and increased comfort, reducing noise and vibration.

The current GT-R will be removed from production in 2025, but first a “farewell” batch of cars will roll off the assembly line. Its circulation will be 1,500 copies, including 300 “charged” sports cars performed by Nismo.

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