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The new VAZ-2104 was patented in the FIPS database as a full-fledged electric car

The legendary “four” in a new electric guise can return to Russian roads to once again win the hearts of car enthusiasts.

The iconic VAZ-2104 model, nicknamed the “Zhiguli Four,” can get a second wind thanks to the ingenuity of designer Ivan Ivanovich Sukhar. His development, patented last year, turns the legendary car into a modern electric car. This is confirmed by the presence of futuristic aerodynamic wheel rims in the design, which give the Quartet a resemblance to models of the leading American brand Tesla.

The “four” itself entered production in 1984, having inherited a number of body elements from the “classic of the genre” VAZ-2101. This is especially noticeable in the rear of the car. The new model featured an increased trunk volume, a more spacious interior and a reinforced body structure. These qualities made it popular among Soviet car enthusiasts. Subsequently, other modifications were created on the basis of the Quartet, including the diesel VAZ-21045 with an engine from the Barnaul Motor Plant. However, plans for mass production of the diesel “four” did not materialize – it turned out to be too expensive for its time. (photo: FIPS database)

By the way, earlier it became known that the Chinese automobile company Chery is preparing a whole bunch of cars in the next two years. We described in a separate article what these 30 models are and under what brands they will be produced.

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