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The new model has a modified chassis, brake system, adjustable ABS and traction control, and expanded equipment. The 2.3 turbo engine is tuned to produce up to 309 horsepower and 518 Nm of torque. The Nomad 2 reaches sixty miles per hour in 3.4 seconds after the start, and its maximum speed is 216 kilometers per hour.

The new Ariel Nomad is based on a tubular frame with 60 percent increased torsional rigidity. To create it, the British use CAD models, laser cutting, finite element analysis (allows modeling of deformation and stress distribution) and brass welding. The openings are made larger for ease of entry and exit. Each chassis undergoes a three-stage finishing process: phosphating, powder coating and application of a protective varnish.


The Nomad 2 suspension is assembled on double wishbones of unequal length. The new geometry prevents the Nomad from diving under braking and squatting during acceleration. The travel has become longer, and the shock absorbers can still be selected. In addition to the basic K-Tech coilovers, adjustable Ohlins TTX and racing two-stage Bilsteins are available. In addition, the buggy is offered with an AP Racing braking system and adjustable ABS with profiles for asphalt and off-road.

Ariel Ariel Ariel

The engine is also new. Previously, the Nomad was equipped with Honda “fours”, including the K20Z3 with an Eaton supercharger, which developed 340 horsepower and 330 Nm of torque. Now they have been replaced with a 2.3 turbo engine from a Ford Focus ST, the output of which depends on the selected map: 264-309 horsepower and 385-518 Nm of torque. There are two gearboxes – a six-speed “mechanics” with a limited-slip clutch or a Quaife sequential from the Atom 4 and Atom 4R models. The Nomad 2 accelerates to 60 miles per hour (97 km / h) in 3.4 seconds (the previous Nomad R – in 2.9 s). The maximum speed is 216 kilometers per hour.


The exterior panels of the Nomad are made from reinforced polyethylene and composite, which can be replaced with carbon fiber if desired. The upper beam in the form of an inverted wing acts as an air flow guide, but also serves as a sun visor and support for auxiliary lighting. The interior can be washed with a hose. It has seats from the Atom 4, a new block of push-button switches and a digital “dashboard” with a telemetry recording function. Prices for the Nomad 2 in the UK start at 67,992 pounds sterling, which is equivalent to 7.7 million rubles.

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