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The popular Omoda C5 crossover (a subsidiary of Chery) will be updated in Russia not in the third quarter of this year, as previously planned, but in the fourth. This was reported to Rossiyskaya Gazeta by the press service of the Chinese brand. Its electric version under the E5 index, which was promised to be launched on the market in the already completed second quarter, is also being delayed.

“The release date of the new model depends on the production schedule, which is drawn up by our production sites,” said Omoda representatives. The crossover is expected to be transformed in the spirit of the electric E5, which is also expected in Russia.

Omoda E5

Now the C5 — the first Omoda model in Russia — is available with 1.5 and 1.6 liter turbo engines producing 147 and 150 horsepower. The model starts at 2,679,900 rubles, and various discounts and promotions, including trade-in, will reduce the price to 1,999,900 rubles.

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As for the “battery” E5, it is currently undergoing additional testing and is being prepared for the specifics of operation in Russian conditions. It debuted in Beijing only in April of this year, and in May it already received the Vehicle Type Approval (VTA) – a document necessary for the start of sales in Russia. It was expected that it would enter our market in the second quarter, but this never happened.

Russians will be offered the crossover with a single electric motor with a capacity of 204 horsepower and a battery with a capacity of 61 kilowatt-hours. It will provide up to 430 kilometers of travel without recharging according to the WLTP cycle. Only front-wheel drive. There will be two trim levels, but their composition has not yet been disclosed.

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