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The Dragon Armor version of the car was released in anticipation of the release of the film “Operation Dragon” – it received a carbon fiber trim, off-road bumpers, a winch with a traction force of 5.5 tons, a multifunctional spare tire bracket and a “survivalist” set consisting of an axe, shovels and cans. Such a car costs from 768 to 868 thousand yuan – about 10 million rubles.

The joint project of Dongfeng and the Bona Film studio is timed to coincide with the release of the film “Operation Dragon”. The car will cost buyers 768-868 thousand yuan, which corresponds to 9.3-10.5 million rubles. The price includes a lifetime warranty, free roadside assistance, access to online services and 20 gigabytes of monthly data for five years. To this can be added an impressive list of off-road accessories and the widespread use of carbon fiber in construction.

Dongfeng Dongfeng Dongfeng Dongfeng China’s most expensive all-terrain vehicle

The share of composite in the Mengshi 917 Dragon Armor is 22.3 percent (apparently, we are talking about visible surfaces): the roof, hood, body kit parts and some decorative elements are made from it. In addition, the SUV received power bumpers, an expeditionary trunk, an electric winch, a tow bar and a “survivalist” kit: an ax, a shovel, canisters, a fire extinguisher. All these small things are mounted on the side “unloaders” and do not take up space in the cabin. By the way, it will already be trimmed in dark gray, white or orange nappa in combination with a black suede ceiling.

Dongfeng Dongfeng Dongfeng Dongfeng Dongfeng Dongfeng Dongfeng Sales of “Chinese Hummer” for 16 million rubles have started in Russia

The Dragon Armor’s powerplant setup is likely the same as the regular Mengshi 917 (aka M-Hero). There is a four-motor electric system with a capacity of 1088 horsepower, and a hybrid drive, including three electric motors and a 1.5 turbo-four (combined output – 816 hp). Equipment includes electronic locking front and rear differentials and separate driving modes for snow, mud, sand, rocks and swamps. The ground clearance of the 917 is 335 millimeters. “Dragon” is unlikely to appear in Russia, but the regular M-Hero is officially sold here and costs 16 million rubles.

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