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The supply of Paladins was organized by Sinomach Automobile, and it is positioning this model as a replacement for the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, which has left the Russian market. Prices start from 3.8 million rubles. Now the press service of the Oting brand has announced the opening of a central spare parts warehouse in Russia, which will provide up to 96 percent of the demand for parts from dealers and private customers.

The warehouse, which is located in the town of Dzerzhinsky near Moscow, has more than 9.7 thousand spare parts (over a thousand items) for Oting cars, including body parts, trim elements, on-board electronics and others. And they are all already in stock. Delivery to Moscow will take no more than two days, spare parts will be delivered to St. Petersburg in three days, and to Barnaul in five. By the end of 2024, the company promises to open a second warehouse in the Siberian Federal District.


The brand’s press service clarified that the parts arrive through the logistics channels of the Zhengzhou Nissan plant, are checked and distributed to the storage area at pre-designated locations. The processing time of applications is recorded using WMS tools; three dozen people are involved in the work of the warehouse. “For many customers, fast delivery of components is one of the important factors when purchasing a car,” said Ji Ziyuan, head of the Hyperion Leasing (Tianjin) branch. “If we have our own warehouse, we will be able to almost completely cover the needs of all dealers and private customers for spare parts.”

Sales of the Chinese Oting Paladin with a Mitsubishi engine have begun in Russia. The name of the Chinese Oting crossover will be written in Russian letters. The Mitsubishi Outlander has returned to Russian car dealerships.

As for Paladin, it appeared on the Russian market at the end of February 2024. The SUV is equipped with a 2.0-liter Mitsubishi 4K31 turbo engine, which develops 218 horsepower and 360 Nm of torque. It is paired with an eight-speed ZF automatic. The Paladin has a frame design and rigidly connected all-wheel drive with reduction gearing and three differential locks. Ground clearance is 215 millimeters, which is slightly less than the Tank 300 (224 millimeters).

Oting Oting Oting

The model is available in four equipment levels: “Deluxe” will cost 3,799,000 rubles (this crossover has rear-wheel drive), for “Premium” they will ask 4,249,000 rubles (all-wheel drive, like other versions), for “Intelligence” – 4 399,000 rubles, and for the most expensive “Prestige” – 4,499,000 rubles.

Later, other Oting models will appear on the Russian market. So, already in the third quarter of this year a pickup truck (apparently, an analogue of the Navara) is expected, and in the fourth quarter – a full-size SUV. The launch of a pickup truck powered by new energy sources is planned for 2025; it will reach us in the second quarter.

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